You Get What You Pay For

Real Estate Agents are a dime a dozen.  True career minded professionals who are competent, stay up on the ever changing contracts & industry standards, and are focused to give their clients the best experience and representation is what you will find at Paramount Real Estate Services.

When agents discount their commission, you will see one of three things happen:

You may be subject to an agent or team who focuses mainly on volume and the number of sales to increase their bottom line.  Oftentimes this translates to incompetent service and liability exposure for you because critical details are often missed.

You may be subject to an agent or team who is not equipped or confident in their abilities to represent a client well.  When agents discount their services, they show that they are not good negotiators and they see themselves as a commodity.  Your net profit will be the next subject on the chopping block in the negotiation process, which oftentimes results in less money in your pocket than if you had used a good and experienced broker.

You may be subject to an agent or team member that is inexperienced and does not represent you well. Too many people get into this business as a hobby and do not understand all of the risks involved or the details that need to be focused on to protect and represent their clients well.  They often do not take the time or the investment to learn how to be a great salespeople, marketers, negotiators, or fiduciaries for their clients.

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