Why Use a Paramount Real Estate Broker

At Paramount Real Estate Services, we are specialists.  It is Paramount to choose wisely in representation of your Real Estate transaction.  Here are a few reasons to consider.

We quite literally, will put our clients First- A Realtor has a fiduciary duty to their client, and at Paramount, we always have our clients’ best interest in mind throughout your transaction and beyond.

Price Guidance-Contrary to what some people believe, agents do not select prices for sellers or buyers. Pricing your property correctly is crucial. Current market conditions determine the value and we work hard to analyze that information appropriately so you can make a wise decision.

Effective & Professional Exposure Online Is a Treasure Trove for Sellers-The multiple listing service is the key asset of home listings. Once in the MLS, a home is sent out to dozens upon dozens of online sites and put into hands of thousands of Realtors and buyers.

Marketing Is a Whole Different Ballgame Than Listing– You won’t sell a home for the highest price by merely listing it on websites and waiting for offers to come flooding in. We will strategically market your home properly, to get the best exposure and offer possible.

Do you Have Time to Show it- For Sale By Owners-You will need to be available when buyers are to open your home. What happens if you’re not accommodating? Chances are your potential buyers may move on. Security is also an important element.  There are many potential Threats when strangers are walking through your home. Let us qualify them thoroughly.

Time on Market– Get your property exposed to as many people as possible when initially listed. Reports show that 75% By Owner listings eventually get listed with a Realtor after losing valuable time on the market and ultimately will sell for up to 14% less when listed BY OWNER.

Inspection and Appraisal– Items that need to be repaired and appraisals that come back low in value, need expertise. We know how to negotiate through these processes and will work through it with our clients.

You Never Want to Be an Amateur at the Negotiating Table-Who would have the upper hand in a tough offer negotiation against a licensed, professional, experienced buyer’s agent who has no emotional attachment? Without a listing agent, sellers can go into negotiations blind and be taken advantage of. Don’t be blindsided as it will cost you time, money and liability.

Potential Pitfalls– The agents at Paramount are trained to examine all of the legal and financial pitfalls in every Real Estate transaction. Title issues, closing costs, Real Estate laws, contingencies and deadlines are all issues that can make or break a deal. Our experience will help our clients stay out of trouble and have a positive experience.

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