Janet Baker

May 1, 2024

Brian & Nina… Congratulations to you two on my new house! haha. I wouldn’t have been able to navigate the complexities–financial, legal, emotional–of selling my house and buying my condo without you. You educated me about the Real Estate business. You always told me what my options were but you never told me what to do or pressured me in any way. You let me make the decisions, for which I was grateful, as I am a person who does not like being told what to do nor do I like having to argue to make a decision that should be mine to make. You stayed in close touch with me throughout the busy times and the slow times and just as importantly you stayed in touch with the agents and others involved with the process. You lugged my furniture around when needed and, Nina; carrying two heavy carriers with howling cats in them up the stairs to their new quarters was definitely going above and beyond. I love my new place, even in it’s current chaotic state with upgrades and unpacking left to do. Thank you so much!

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