Fall Discounts on all Salem OR Real Estate?

Everyone loves a Fall discount, especially on Salem OR Real Estate.  The Fall season is a wonderful time of year.  In many parts of the country we are experiencing the changing of the season.  The leaves are starting to change color and the sun is hiding further South.  With that, commerce usually shows signs of discounting products to get inventory off the shelves before the end of the year.  Real Estate is really no different.  Although the motivation for a seller to sell a home before the end of the year may not be as previlent as a retail store manager, they are still driven by the fact that most Real Estate activity slows down near the end of the year and doesn’t pick up until the Spring in the Salem OR area.

Like most of the country, here in Salem OR, we are still dealing with high unemployment and declining values.  Couple that with the fact that the small pool of buyers that are currently in the market tend to busy themselves with school, Holidays, and the fact that the long cold and rainy Winter months here in the Willamette Valley are not “feel good buying months”.  All the better to get great discounts on Real Estate for buyers.

As sellers lean further into Fall with their home looming on the market, their motivations can heighten during this time.  They understand that our market slows during those months and they also fear that their property will be worth less by Spring.  No one enjoys losing money, and that fear can drive their motivation to get their house sold as soon as possible.

With the amazing low interest rates, now is an amazing time to experience some great Fall Discounts on Salem OR Real Estate!

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