Seller’s Service Plan

We believe offering great service is necessary to a great experience.

  • Regular communication.  Even when there is no news.
  •   Updating clients on market conditions.
  •   Whenever desired, face to face communication over all transactional details.
  •   Presenting online activity information bi-monthly.
  •   Maintaining signs and promotional media items.
  •   Feedback on showing activity.
  •   Verify buyers lending qualifications and communicate with lender regularly.
  •   Coordinate details with Title & Escrow. 
  •   Good communication with other side of the transaction.
  •   Ensure other side is complying with contract.
  •   Advise through all transactional details.
  •   Analyze any clouds on the preliminary title report.
  •   Communicate with appraiser to minimize the risks of problematic issues.
  •   Coordinate closing details & review settlement statement.
  •   Manage the transfer of possession.
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