Seller’s Pre Listing Checklist

At Paramount Real Estate Services, we are perfectionists; however the seller is the key to success. Here is a checklist of a few items that will help you prepare your home to the best of its ability to increase your net profit profoundly. This list is ideal, however may be difficult to complete. The more that is addressed, the more interest a homeowner will have.

Curb Appeal & Exterior

  • Wash exterior of home including gutters, windows and screens.
  • Replace any worn or damaged window screens.
  • Power wash driveway and sidewalks.
  • Ensure all exterior light bulbs are working well. Match light colors.
  • Paint front door if needed.
  • Caulk & paint exterior of home where needed.
  • Remove all earth to siding contact.
  • Remove moss and debris from roof. Ensure there is good life left.
  • Trim back trees and foliage 6 inches from house, 24 inches from roof.
  • Clean and treat roof for moss and debris and clean inside and outside of gutters.
  • Keep lawn mowed and edged. Fertilize to kill weeds and keep lawn watered well.
  • Apply fresh bark dust around flower beds.
  • Clean and stain/paint decks and railings.
  • Plant flowers/shrubs in desired areas. Plant grass in areas where needed.
  • Store away garbage cans, toys and all personal items not staged for the home sale.
  • Open up all foundation vents except during hard freezing temperatures.


  • Clean interior windows including tracks.
  • Caulk & touch up paint the trim and interior walls.
  • Remove pets during sale if possible. Remove pet food from interior of home.
  • Ensure all light fixtures are working properly. Match colors.
  • Ensure home smells inviting. Smells hide in the cracks.
  • Clean baseboards and moldings. Murphy’s Oil Soap is a great option.
  • Clean oven and microwave.
  • Remove clothes from closets to create a desired look.
  • Clean all mirrors.
  • Detail all bathrooms including the hard to reach areas of the toilets, sinks and showers/tubs.
  • Clean all blinds, shades and drapes.
  • Declutter & depersonalize by creating a desired space to maximize demand.
  • Organize and clean garage. Ok to use as storage for non staging items.
  • Service HVAC systems.
  • Clean ductwork, inside heating vent registers and the return vents.
  • Strap water heater & extend T&P valve if needed.
  • Update smoke & CO detectors if needed. See Oregon Real Estate laws.
  • Perform staging recommendations by your broker/stager.

A professionally staged home will help take buyer’s eyes off of the home’s issues and give your home a psychological edge allowing the buyers to enjoy seeing themselves in your home. “Less is More” to allow buyers to see potential and maximize space. Here are some examples of well staged homes that are photographed well.

Example of an inviting front porch
Example of Living Room
Example of Dining Room
Example of Kitchen
Example of a well organized pantry
Example of a clean back patio

It may also be recommended to perform a pre-listing home inspection to learn all of the hidden issues to be prepared to negotiate well and curb any last minute surprises. Give us a call for a thorough consultation at 503-851-1645 or click the link below for your convenience.


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