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Brian and Nina met in 1996 in Salem Oregon. Brian grew up in the Flathead Valley in Montana. After attending North Idaho College in Coeur D’ Alene, Brian moved to Salem to finish out his B.A. in Physical Education at Western Oregon University.

Nina grew up in Southern California and moved to Salem in 1990 where she attended Sprague High School. She started her education at Chemeketa Community College and then moved on to Western Oregon before finishing her B.S degree in Health & Human Performance at Oregon State University.

Brian & Nina met while serving guests at Red Robin in Salem, and they continue to bring their unselfish serving attitudes to their Real Estate clients. Brian & Nina were married in 1997 and have 2 beautiful children. Early in their life together they were blessed to go on church mission trips to Uganda, California and Mississippi & study trips to Costa Rica and Spain. Brian & Nina enjoy spending time with friends, traveling, camping, fishing, hunting and being with their children. They believe their relationship with God is the most important aspect to their lives and hope that it is evident in the way they live. Their desire is that their children will grow up loving Christ, serving other people with a joyful heart, and being positive influences on the people around them.

Brian & Nina began their Real Estate careers in 2001 at Prudential Real Estate Professionals. After 9 years and succeeding in being in the top 7% in Prudential Real Estate Affiliates nationwide, they began Paramount Real Estate Services to create a professional and intimate culture that puts high value on Real Estate competency. It is this company that you can expect the most dedicated agents working hard and diligent to serve their clients. Brian & Nina strive to stay on top of the ever-changing Real Estate market and continue to stay competent on the issues that will save their clients time, exposure, frustration, and money. Both Brian and Nina are Foreclosure Alternative Consultants and Brian is a Certified Distressed Property Expert & Certified Residential Specialist.

At Paramount Real Estate Services, we only search out the best and brightest brokers in our area to join our team.  We understand that our industry is saturated with hobbyists and agents who do not understand the basics of Real Estate contracts, how to effectively market properties well, and how to successfully navigate the many legal challenges of this business.  We strive to hire competent and successful brokers who take extra special care of their clients.

Brian & Nina believe looking at the whole picture is the key to a successful strategy especially in this market. Often times it is advantageous to accept small steps backward to gain large steps forward. Brian & Nina have the vision & wisdom to calculate each theoretical move to see the victories and consequences of each action for their clients. This service is rare and invaluable in this industry when clients are deciding on one of the largest decisions in their lives.


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